About Us


Tribal Brands is a business development partner focused on premium Food and Beverage throughout the Asia region. We offer unique, high-quality food and beverage brands an Asia based business partnership with strong execution skills through a wide-reaching network of channels and distribution. Our core channel networks are in 5-star hotels, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and casual eateries.

Tribal Brands has been operating in Asia for 13 years. During that time we have gained a wealth of experience, developed an in-depth understanding of the various markets, and built a truly Asia-wide footprint. We are young, a little bit cheeky, modern and unique in the way we think and sell products.

We are about identifying the right channels and partners, then developing and testing long-term sustainable strategies that lead to stable depletion and profitable business.

From sustainable seafood in trendy eateries, fresh yoghurt into 5-star hotel chains, premium soda into craft bars and New Zealand beef into restaurant chains, we have a proven track record in Asia and can confidently say "we produce results."

Office: +86 18616765590
Email: aaron@tribalbrandsasia.com
396 Julu Road, Shanghai, 200041

Hong Kong
8th Floor Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, Wanchai

New Zealand
14 Knox Street, Hamilton